NDTC Boss, Mr Folorunsho coker was accused wrongly


The director general, Nigerian Tourism   Development    Corporation,  (NTDC), Mr.  Folorunsho Coker left the country for an official assignment, while the workers embarked on a staged protest on November 29th, 2017.

The workers of the agency targeted his absence to stage a protest, just to embarrass his personality and the office he holds esteem to run the affairs of the NTDC.

 Insiders, who do not want their names mentioned   described the protest as hasty ,revealed that  the same  workers , who planned the move to oust  him(Coker) , as the Director general of NTDC  had similar action  to Coker’s predecessors, Omotayo Omotosho  and  Sally Mbanefo.

It was  revealed that the carrying of the  placards that  bore  antagonistic messages in different dimensions, the NTDC workers dredged up all the charges used to paint their past bosses black against the new DG  orchestrated a media campaign to blow it  up .

Also, checks revealed that the workers usually adopt similar approach whenever the DG of the agency refuse to allow “business as usual”, which profits individuals but detrimental to the objectives of the corporation.


Further checks revealed that the workers usually adopt the “measure” when the DG refuses to dance to their tune. It is however, gathered that the Minister of Information, Mr. Lai Mohammed, who is in charge of the operations of the agency has intervened in the conflict.

He has allegedly directed the “protesting workers” to discontinue their protests and wait till the return of their boss for all the “allegations” to be discussed and resolved.

Also, source revealed despite the dark intentions of protest against the new DG, which was hastily packaged while he was away, it has suddenly assumed a life of its own and taking on a larger than life image.

According to the source, “It’s like someone or some people have taken interest in the affair and fueling it. It looks more like a campaign than just public interest reports.

 The source revealed that the reports of the protest were rapidly gaining attraction meant to slant and   embarrass Coker.

They added that the endgame of this attempt was to embarrass the DG by latching on the “workers protest” and “skewing” it in manners that paint him in deep and dark shades.

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