Buhari’s cows faring better than Nigerians – Governor’s aide

Special Assistant to Akwa Ibom State Governor says in President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration, cows fare better than Nigerians.
He was reacting to the fuel crisis and economic hardship Nigerians are currently facing.
Filling stations across Akwa Ibom now sell fuel at N170 against the government approved price of N145.
Essien Ndueso took to Facebook on Thursday and posted photos of Mr. Buhari’s recent visit to his ranch in Daura.
He captioned the photos: “I wish I knew the kind of super glue used to seal the mouths and eyes of all emergency Civil Liberty Organisations, Human Rights Activists in Akwa Ibom state.
“I remember January 2012, when we took to the street to protest increase of fuel pump price to N141. We shouted blue murder until fuel was reversed to N97 and later N87. Today, we are in an administration that cows fare better than human beings. If the cost of grass were to increase, or if anyone where to temper with the comfort of these cows, I am sure Baba would come back and take urgent actions.
“Today fuel is N180 and those who earn their wages monthly from worshipping Baba on facebook, are also suffering the same fate.


“Maybe Imaobong Akpan can champion this campaign as a neutral social commentator.”


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