Germans convinced video referee will be used at World Cup


German officials are convinced that football’s Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology will be used at the summer World Cup and beyond.

“I believe that video evidence will be used at the 2018 World Cup,’’ German refereeing chief Lutz-Michael Fröhlich told a news conference on Thursday.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will evaluate the current VAR test phase later in January.

It will then make a final decision on its further use, including at the World Cup in Russia, on March 2.

Apart from various domestic leagues, including the German Bundesliga, VAR was also used at the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup in Russia and at the FIFA Club World Cup.

Referee Jochen Drees, who has also acted as VAR, said he believes the new technology won’t be shelved again in spite of some hiccups.

“We have to prepare ourselves for video evidence remaining a permanent feature in football.

“The ruling body FIFA won’t put this baby up for adoption again,’’ Drees said.


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