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Things To Do When You Miss Your Scheduled Flight


Your flight was scheduled for 10 am. But you are still in traffic or held up somewhere as at 9:30 am. You are gasping for breath fearing the worst. You arrived at the airport past 10, low and behold the flight had taken off! What will you do? Well, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency, got you covered as we share the things you should do.

Do not panic

Keeping calm can be hard when you miss a flight. What such circumstances really require is logical problem solving, a frame of mind best achieved when you are calm. This will enable you to direct your mind towards fixing the situation.

Ask the airline staff about your options

Depending on the reason why you missed your flight, you should reach out to the airline staff about your options before accepting your fate. You can make your decision based on their advice. But remember that you have favourable options if the reason for missing your flight was not your fault.


Check the departure boards

If your trip is very important that you cannot postpone or reschedule it, you can buy another ticket. Prior to this, check the departure boards to see which available airline is flying to your destination.

Reschedule your flight

After you have done everything humanly possible to travel and there is no solution, it is advisable that you reschedule your flight. This is even cheaper than booking an entirely new flight.

Make the call

Missing a flight is more painful if you are on a business trip. Nonetheless, endeavour to control the situation by letting whomever you are meeting know that you have missed your flight and you will not arrive on the agreed date. Kindly apologise and reschedule the meeting.

Learn from your mistakes

Mistakes do happen. But these same mistakes will happen repeatedly if we do not learn from them. So, whatever the reason for missing your flight may be, endeavour you take pragmatic actions to prevent them from occurring again.



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