4 Ways To Stop Yourself From Eating Too Much

Overeating is something many of us have battled with at one point or the other. However, there are some important ways to effectively deal with it and stop yourself from eating too much.

Jumia Food shares 4 ways to stop yourself from eating too much.

Use the Hunger Scale 
You need to learn how to figure out the physical cues that signal true hunger and a real need for nourishment, and a great way to do this is through the use of the hunger scale. This will help you figure out your need when it comes to food. There are six major components of the hunger scale and they include: Starving (an uncomfortable, empty feeling that may be accompanied by lightheadedness or the jitters caused by low blood sugar levels from lack of food); Hungry (your next meal is on your mind, at this point you are not exactly feeling the physical effects of hunger except the usual hunger pangs); Moderately Hungry (there’s that nagging feeling of hunger. Your stomach may be growling and you might feel some faint hunger pangs. At this point you’re already planning what your next meal is going to be); Satisfied (you’re satiated, meaning you’re not exactly feeling full but you’re not hungry either. You’re simply relaxed and comfortable); Full(At this point, if you’re still eating, it is more ‘out of momentum’ than actual hunger because your belly would already feel slightly bloated, and the food would no longer taste as good); Stuffed (you feel uncomfortable, your stomach feels like it’s about to burst open, and you might even have a mild heartburn from your stomach acids creeping back up to your oesophagus).

Take a Low Calorie Snack 
If you’re feeling hungry between meals, or a short-while after eating a sizeable meal, it is best to either drink some water to help curb the misleading feeling of hunger or take a low-calorie snack. This is the best way you can avoid overeating between meals. You should be sure to favour snacks or fruits that contain more fiber and water so you can avoid the calories while loading your body with disease-fighting nutrients.

Favour High-Volume Meals 
High-volume meals are those that involve solid foods that have high fluid content which helps to better suppress hunger and the need to overeat. Eating foods with high-water content versus those with low-water content ensures that you get bigger portions for less calories, and can consume more food to help fully satisfy your hunger, and leave you satiated.

Make Eating Right a Habit 
Overeating is a bad habit and once you can make up your mind to making eating right a habit, you’ll be fine. This is one of the most straightforward ways to stop yourself from eating too much and actually keeping it up. It is scientifically proven that it takes 30 days to break/make a habit, so please get started now, it is possible and you can do it. Consistency is the key to taking charge of your eating habits and feeling better about your body and overall self.


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