The Fun Continues with Africa Magic Come Play Naija


Africa Magic’s Come Play Naija game show is one of the most exciting game shows on television at the moment. The last episode was a thrilling 60 minutes of absolute fun. 2 teams went home with over N2 million in winnings. Here is a recap of what went down in the last episode of AM Come Play Naija.

The last episode saw Team Orange and Team Blue compete against each other. Both teams hit the ground running and amassed the sum of N180,000 each in the trivia games. Team Orange took the lead when they won an additional N50,000 by answering the bonus question.
Team Blue were undaunted, fighting back in the first obstacle course, gaining and maintaining the lead all through to win an additional N300,000 putting their total earnings at a whopping N480,000. However, the tide changed when Team Orange edged ahead and won an additional N300,000 in the ‘Pay with Calories’ segment.

The second obstacle course tagged the Inverse Pyramid Challenge, proved almost insurmountable for the teams but, Team Blue rose to the challenge and earned a reward of an additional N300,000. Team Blue continued their campaign to secure an undoubtable win when they snapped up another win in the Guess the Song bonus question worth N50,000, but with Team Orange winning the third obstacle course challenge, a bounty of N300,000 was added to their kitty placing them in the lead with N930,000.

Unfortunately, Team Orange lost that lead and half of their winnings when they couldn’t find the black ball in the final obstacle course. Team Blue found theirs in the last second and won the grand prize for the round of N1,000,000; putting their cash winnings at a total of N1,830,000. Sadly, Team Blue only went home with N465,000 half of their previous total. In addition – to sweeten the deal – Team Blue also won free spa sessions in the spin the wheel segment.

The studio audience was not left out of the fun. The show host Hero Daniels introduced the Maltina Drink Challenge. Two audience members representing Team Orange and Team Blue were tasked to finish a can of Maltina in the shortest time possible. Team Orange won and was rewarded with cans of Maltina.

Catch this week’s episode Saturday at 7.00 pm on Africa Magic Showcase (DStv channel 151)
and Urban (DStv Ch153 and GOtv Ch6) and on Africa Magic Family (DStv Ch154 and GOtv
Ch2) and at 9.00 pm on DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact, Confam & Yanga, and GOtv Supa, Max, and Jolli.
Come Play Naija is brought to you by Africa Magic and proudly sponsored by Power Oil.

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