Patience Ozokwo among Enugu gov-elect transition committee


Patience Ozokwo, the Nigerian actress, is a member of Peter Mbah’s transition committee in Enugu state.

Mbah, who recently won the governorship election, inaugurated his 64-member transition committee on Thursday.

The committee members were tasked to produce an “implementable action plan” in line with the governor-elect’s manifesto.

In an Instagram post, Ozokwo shared pictures of herself with other committee members alongside Mbah.

The actress expressed excitement about serving the people of Enugu.

She also thanked the governor-elect for the appointment and prayed for the success of his plans for the state.

“I am grateful to @pnmbah for appointing me to the transition committee,” she wrote.

“As a member of this committee, I am dedicated to serving the people of Enugu state to the best of my ability.

“I pray that all the great plans you have for our people will be successful. #transitioncommittee #Enugustate #MamaGLovers❤️❤️.”

The actress actively participated in the just concluded general elections.

She was a member of the Peter Obi support group and participated in a fundraising movement to provide funds to support the Labour Party.

In January, she urged Nigerians to vote “wisely and with their senses”, adding that it is her utmost desire to see “Nigeria great again”.

Ozokwo started her acting career in 1998. She has starred in hundreds of Nollywood movies.

The movie star has also received several awards and recognitions.

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