Nollywood Actor, EWAEN MIRABEL set to release new project


Producer And Actor, Ewaen Mirabel is a face that has continue to grow in the industry as she expresses not just her flawless beauty and character but brains to do far above what her contemporaries are doing. Venturing into the industry a few years back she has grown her brand to become a viable one.

With several projects she has featured on and a few personal production of hers she has proven dedication, commitment, consistency and resilience as the way to grow, stay relevant and continue to make an impact. She and her team are currently working on a new project which is set to start production soon. Casting was done last month and a few undisclosed top shots in the industry have been contacted to take some lead roles.

Sharing more on what to expect she noted that, “As usual we are about quality and delivering the best of cinematography experience to our viewers. This we would never compromise on and reasons why this project took a while before we decided to shoot. All I can say is that everyone should be on board with us and other details would be shared soon.”



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