NITDA Backs DigitalForAllChallenge for 70% Digital Literacy Goal


In a strategic move towards achieving 70% digital literacy by 2027, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) under the leadership of Director-General Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi, CCIE, has lauded the DigitalForAllChallenge 2.0 spearheaded by Tech4Dev.

In his words: “our collective mission is clear as we launch this programme as a complimentary efforts toward achieving a 70% digital literacy rate for Nigerians by 2027”.

The initiative aims to foster digital inclusion and propel Nigeria into a tech-driven future.

During his Keynote Address at the launch of the competition, Inuwa highlighted the significance of the DigitalForAll Initiative in shaping Nigeria’s digital landscape.

“DigitalForAll Initiative is a visionary programme poised to shape the future of our nation and we also intend to use our Digital Nigeria platform for the final competition of the programme.”

He emphasized the Agency’s commitment to leverage the Digital Nigeria platform for the final competition, marking a pivotal step towards nationwide digital empowerment.

Further, Inuwa expounded on the eight Pillars outlined in the Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (SRAP 2.0), underscoring their pivotal role in addressing strategic challenges and advancing the Agency’s mandates.

These pillars encompass fostering digital literacy, bolstering technology research, enhancing cybersecurity, and nurturing an innovative ecosystem, among others.

According to him, the competition, slated for unveiling in the first quarter of 2024, represents a concerted effort to empower Nigerians with the necessary skills to thrive in the digital era.

Not left out, Inuwa stressed the importance of digital literacy in unlocking individual potential and fostering national development.

The objectives of the DigitalForAll Initiative center on inclusive literacy, accessible learning platforms, public-private partnerships, measurable impact, and awards.

Inuwa underscored the significance of collaboration with governmental bodies, educational institutions, and industry leaders to realize these objectives.

Expressing gratitude to partners and sponsors, Inuwa affirmed the commitment to a digitally inclusive Nigeria, where every citizen is equipped with the skills to excel.

He urged stakeholders to embark on the challenge journey with enthusiasm and a shared vision of digital empowerment.

“We commit to a future where digital empowerment knows no bounds, and every Nigerian is equipped to thrive in the digital age.”

Tech4Dev Founder, Joel Ogunsola, underscored the initiative’s commitment to digital literacy for all Nigerians.

With a total prize pool of One Hundred and Fifty Million Naira, the DigitalForAllChallenge seeks to democratize access to digital skills and prepare individuals for the future of work.

He added; “We believe and are driven by the fact that every Nigerian deserves the right to digital literacy and skills for the future of work.

“There are very intentional efforts by NITDA to invest in the sustainability of this initiative for the long run.”

NITDA’s investment in the initiative’s sustainability reflects a long-term commitment to digital empowerment.

The competition, structured into state, regional, and grand finale stages, aims to foster skill development and competitive spirit among participants.

With a focus on training and competition phases, the challenge promises to equip beneficiaries with practical skills and assess their proficiency for the final phase.

As Africa’s largest digital skilling competition, it stands as a beacon of opportunity, driving digital transformation across the nation.

In partnership with NITDA and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, the DigitalForAllChallenge heralds a new era of digital innovation and inclusion in Nigeria, ensuring that every Nigerian has the opportunity to thrive in the digital age.

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