NITDA partners Sierra Leone for Cross-Border Tech Revolution


The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) of Nigeria has joined forces with Sierra Leone’s Ministry of Communications, Technology, and Innovations.

This partnership, spearheaded by NITDA Director General Kashifu Inuwa Abdullahi and Sierra Leone’s Communications Minister Ms. Salima Bah, marks a pivotal chapter in cross-border collaboration, aimed at harnessing the power of innovation across the continent.

Under the strategic vision of the Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (SRAP 2.0 2024-2027), this alliance highlights the “Forge Strategic Partnerships and Collaboration” pillar, setting the stage for a synergistic relationship between the two nations. Dr. Aristotle Onumo, representing Director General Inuwa, underscored NITDA’s commitment to innovation and the importance of co-creation and stakeholder engagement in driving the agency’s regulatory agenda forward.

The collaboration seeks to transcend traditional boundaries, emphasizing the need for inclusive engagement across various sectors. By establishing Digital Transformation Working Groups within each ministry, NITDA aims to ensure that policies, frameworks, and guidelines remain relevant and impactful across governmental agencies.

Director General Inuwa emphasized the crucial role of understanding stakeholder needs, problems, and fears in developing effective laws and policies. This approach is fundamental in regulating Information Technology matters, fostering an environment where innovation thrives without constraints.

Moreover, the collaboration extends to monitoring service delivery, with Inuwa advocating for annual IT plan submissions by government agencies. This practice aligns with NITDA’s objectives, leveraging IT clearance as a mechanism to uphold standards and ensure compliance.

On the Sierra Leonean front, Minister Salima Bah highlighted the transformative potential of emerging technologies, such as AI and blockchain, in propelling Africa towards a future of mutual technological advancement.

She stressed the importance of moving beyond mere consumption of these technologies, envisioning a continent that actively contributes to the global tech ecosystem.

Reflecting on the fruitful two-day engagement, Minister Bah expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to tap into NITDA’s expertise in policy implementation, digital development, and enforcement of technology clearance and compliance standards.

This meeting not only signifies a significant stride towards enhancing digital innovation but also sets a precedent for future cross-border collaborations within Africa.

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