Nigeria is Digitally Empowered for Innovation and Growth – NITDA


Kashifu Inuwa, the Director General of the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), has said that Nigeria is digitally empowered to build a robust technology research ecosystem aligned with the present administration’s priorities.

According to Inuwa, the administration’s redefined priorities aim to accelerate diversification through industrialisation, digitisation, and innovation.

At the workshop themed “Intel AI programme for Africa Deep-Tech startups, Ecosystem stakeholders,” organized by Afrilabs and Intel in Abuja, Inuwa emphasized Nigeria’s digital empowerment and its pivotal role in fostering inclusive economic growth.

“In order for us to succeed as a nation, there is a critical need for synergy,” Inuwa remarked, underlining the importance of collaborative efforts, diverse talents, and ecosystem perspectives in driving innovation.

Recognizing Africa’s challenge in translating policies into action, Inuwa stressed the necessity of robust institutions and collaborative policies for achieving tangible goals and objectives.

Inuwa also highlighted NITDA’s commitment to implementing diverse initiatives and policies, which has garnered attention from six African countries and other government institutions seeking to replicate Nigeria’s success.

Delving into NITDA’s strategic direction, Inuwa shed light on the agency’s Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan (SRAP 2024-2027), which encompasses eight pillars aimed at fostering digital literacy, building robust technology research ecosystems, and promoting inclusive access to digital infrastructure and services.

Ajibola Odukoya, the Chief Operating Officer of Afrilabs, echoed Inuwa’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of community-driven innovation in cultivating high-potential entrepreneurs who serve as catalysts for economic growth and social development in Africa.

The workshop serves as a platform to address the gap in tailored support for deep tech startups, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Odukoya emphasized the need for AI frameworks that showcase African perspectives and harness the continent’s problem-solving prowess.

In conclusion, Inuwa’s advocacy for innovation and inclusive growth underscores Nigeria’s commitment to leveraging technology as a driver of economic transformation. The collaborative efforts between government agencies, private enterprises, and ecosystem stakeholders reflect a concerted push towards realizing Nigeria’s digital potential on the global stage.


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