It’s propaganda to say churches have money – Sam Adeyemi


Sam Adeyemi, the senior pastor of Daystar Christian Centre, says the belief that churches have money is propaganda.

Speaking at a recent conference organised by the Christian Financial Accountability Association (CFAA), Adeyemi said a lot of churches become short of funds because their leaders lack financial management skills.

“When people say churches have money, it is propaganda. At least 75% of churches have less than 100 members,” he said.

“It is very little money they manage and out of that little money, they take care of widows and people who do not have.

“Most of the leaders of these churches don’t have financial management skills.”

He said the CFAA will work to help Christian organisations to facilitate financial accountability, ethical and governance standards.

According to Yinka Ogunnubi, a financial expert and economist, the objective of CFAA is to ensure that churches are accountable, transparent and comply with the mandatory government regulations.

“The church in Nigeria has always been instrumental in the country’s development,” he said.

“The issues we are going to be looking at are issues that are germane, which are based on accountability, transparency, and governance.

“The CFAA is a self-regulating organisation made up of churches and Christian faith-based organisations that will promote ethics of accountability, transparency, and governance.

“You cannot say you are championing the course of Christianity and at the same time you are afraid of being accountable.”

Ogunnubi assured that the organisation would be run by professionals.  (The Cable)

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