WWE SmackDown, Raw to Air Live on GOtv Supa


Fans of the WWE can gear up for a thrilling weekend of action on GOtv Supa, with live airings of the SmackDown and Raw shows running from Saturday 6 to Tuesday 9 November 2021 on WWE (GOtv channel 36).

Customers on the new GOtv Supa package will also have the opportunity to get a closer look into the lives of WWE Superstars with extra content and highlight programming.

The action begins on Saturday 6 November with Episode 1159 of WWE SmackDown. The group known as ‘Hit Row’ has already made an impressive impact on the blue brand, with their members promising that there is more to come from them.

“We’ve been hyped up for several weeks now,” said Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott. “Y’all knew what was coming in, and we was gonna come in and do damage. That’s exactly what we do.”

Dolla B-Fab added, “Everybody else had a chaotic night, but we stick together. We are one band, one sound. And we go out there and take care of our business… and we don’t worry about nobody else.”

Tuesday 9 November will feature Episode 1485 of WWE Raw. Superstar John Morrison has found himself on something of a spiritual quest since his tension with The Miz, and believes that an enlightenment will soon be his to share.

“I’m on a journey, in search of my wandering chi, the mystical force that is at the centre of all life… and I’m close, so close,” said Morrison. “I imagine it could help me to raid, but that is not the ultimate purpose in my quest… I seek to share my innermost thoughts with the world.”

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