Armed Robbers Snatch Man’s Car, He Later Finds Policeman Using The Car


A thirty-two-year-old banker whose car was hijacked by armed robbers and was almost killed, has found a police officer using the car two years after.

Samuel Forson, a Ghanaian, was attacked by four armed men who took his car, a laptop computer and other personal belongings in December 2015.

For two years, nothing was heard about the criminals or his car until he personally saw the vehicle in Tema, a province in Ghana on a Friday afternoon.

According to Joy News, Samuel said the incident happened on December 4, 2015. He said while driving his car along the Titanic Beach, located between Tema and Sakumono area at 8 pm, he had to stop because his engine had developed a problem.

But as he waited for the problem to get solved, four armed men dressed like police officers pounced on him and ordered him out of the vehicle.

He recounted, “They looked into the car and then I was asked to come down and open the boot. As soon as I got down from the car, they hit me, I fell and they started pushing me…suddenly I heard one of them saying don’t kill him, don’t kill him. Then after they pushed me into the sea. How I came out is only a miracle.”

Samuel was rushed to Inkoom Hospital when he got out of the cold waters and was later referred to the 37 Military Hospital.

He spent two weeks in the hospital and another three months at home before he resumed work.

His attackers were not arrested and his car and other belongings were not found until January this year.

“I saw the car being driven by two gentlemen. I jumped into a taxi and I told the taxi driver to follow the car because it was a stolen car. So we followed them to Community 8. There was a drinking bar and they went to park there,” Samuel said.

He then went to a police visibility point close by and reported the matter.

“So the Commander dispatched a team to follow me to effect the arrest. When we got there the occupants of the car told me they were police officers,” he said.

With the help of Detective Chief Inspector Nana Boahen of the Sakumono police, Samuel Forson was able to retrieve his car from the police.

According to him, one Sergeant Philip Amoako of Tema Community 8 Police, who was found driving the car started harassing him to refund the money he had spent to repair and maintain the car.

He eventually petitioned the Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Department in February this year over the matter.


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