Piggyvest users panic, platform loses N2billion investment


Piggyvest users are panicking as the platform has reportedly lost over N2 billion investments, The Moment Nigeria reports.

PiggyVest which prides itself as a very secure online savings platform that makes saving possible by combining discipline plus flexibility to make you grow your savings according to reports the huge sum to a fraudulent investment scheme advertised by Imagine Global Solution Limited.

An Instagram user who broke the news online days back alleged that Piggyvest and some other top organizations in Nigeria invested in Imagine Lenders managed by Bamise Ajetunmobi and his wife, Elizabeth who are now at large after disappearing with investors’ N22 billion.

The whistleblower on Instagram, @trapselena wrote: “Just like MMM, Muyiwa and Glory Osei, MBA, etc, another financial fraud couple have struck again. Nigerians will never learn.

Although in a swift response released through its verified social media page, Piggyvest quickly dismissed the trending report adding that its depositors’ funds were intact.

“Please note that Piggyvest will NEVER compromise the funds of any users in any way.

“All our user funds remain safe and secure. No user funds have experienced any loss of any kind, nor will they experience anything of the kind,” the statement reads in part.

However the investment company failed to explain in its statement if it indeed made such a bad investment, its statement was not enough to calm panicked nerves.

The already building tension further heightened on Tuesday evening after the embattled company’s Instagram handle suddenly disappeared without explanation, causing many users to raise alarm.

What Piggyvest is saying
Piggyvest has issued a statement to discount suspicions that they may have also been scammed by the shady lending company.

“Our attention has been drawn to some rumours making rounds about Piggyvest. Please note that Piggyvest will never compromise the funds of any user in any way.

“All Piggyvest user funds remain safe and secure as always. No user fund has experienced any loss of any kind, nor will they experience anything of the kind,” they said.

The statement ended by assuring customers that their funds are safe.

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