GTBank’s Hidden Threat: When Tellers and Security Become Predators


Within the seemingly impeccable walls of Guaranty Trust Bank, a disturbing trend is emerging: the bank’s employees are terrorizing customers.

The very individuals tasked with protecting and serving customers—tellers and security guards—are becoming the bank’s greatest threat.

This growing undercurrent of hostility could dismantle the trust GTBank has painstakingly built over the years.

Imagine walking into a GTBank branch, expecting the smooth, professional experience the bank is known for.

Instead, you find tellers who scrutinize your every move, ready to harass you with demands and insults, and security guards who extort tips with an air of menace.

This disturbing reality is becoming all too common in GTBank’s Lagos branches.

GTBank’s reputation for financial expertise and corporate responsibility is being threatened by the unprofessional behavior of its own staff.

The aggressive actions of tellers and security guards are creating a hostile environment that could tarnish the bank’s hard-earned image.

Customers have started to openly complain about the abusive and coercive behavior of the tellers handling their money.

One customer detailed the tellers’ modus operandi: “The moment you walk into the banking hall, they watch you like hawks. If you’re there to withdraw money, their eyes light up, and they swarm you, praising you excessively. If you don’t tip them, their attitude changes instantly, and they hurl insults, making you feel obligated to give them money. This behavior is rampant across all Lagos branches.”

Another customer highlighted the security personnel’s similar tactics: “If you’re a regular and don’t tip, they make it difficult for you to park your car. If you manage to park, they harass you verbally, making you regret banking there. This menace, if not addressed quickly, could drive many customers away.”

An insurance executive shared a frightening experience at a Wema Bank branch, illustrating the severity of the issue: “After making a withdrawal, a security guard demanded a tip for watching my car. He made me feel unsafe, hinting at possible repercussions if I didn’t comply. I gave him N500 out of fear. It’s alarming how bold these staff members have become.”

Customers allege that inadequate wages drive this behavior, with grown men and women resorting to extortion. An insurance executive explained, “These employees earn less than what I’d give my child for chores. Bank CEOs need to address this before it escalates into open robbery at ATMs.”

*Horrifying Customer Experiences:*

Mr. Tunde, a business owner, shared a particularly disturbing incident at the Ikoyi branch: “I made a large withdrawal for payroll, and the teller’s attitude changed immediately.

“She hinted at a tip, but I ignored her. Later, I discovered she had shorted me several thousand naira. Only after threatening to involve the manager did she correct the ‘mistake.’ The experience was humiliating.”

Ms. Ada, a teacher, described a similar ordeal at the Ikeja branch: “The teller was friendly until I refused to tip her. She then handled my transaction slowly and rudely, serving others before me. It was clear she was punishing me.”

Mr. James, a retiree, recounted his intimidation at the Victoria Island branch: “Security guards demanded tips for parking my car. When I didn’t have change, they blocked my car and threatened me. It was terrifying, especially at my age.”

These alarming stories reveal a deepening crisis within GTBank. As financial pressures push tellers and security guards towards aggressive and unethical behavior, the once-respected banking experience is turning into a nightmare.

GTBank must urgently address these internal issues to maintain its service integrity and restore customer trust. Only then can it safeguard its legacy and future.


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