China builds world’s highest power pylon


Construction recently began on a giant power supply pylon, believed to be the world’s tallest in east China’s Zhejiang Province, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company announced on Tuesday.
A pylon is a large vertical steel tower-like structure that supports high-tension electric cables.
At an impressive 380 metres tall, the pylon will be four times the height of London’s Big Ben.
“The pylon will carry power cables between Zhoushan’s Jintang and Cezi islands, a distance of 2,656 meters,’’ the power company’s Zhoushan branch said in the announcement.

Report says it will break the world record for the tallest power pylon currently held by China’s Damaoshan pylon which stands at 370 meters, also in Zhoushan.
According to the power company, the new pylon is a part of a new ultra-high voltage power line project between cities of Zhoushan and Ningbo.
“The project is expected to complete by the end of 2018, and will be put into use in 2019,’’ it noted.


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