Bro Joshua Iginla gives scholarship, cash to orphan, others in one week 


Renowned preacher and Senior Pastor of Champions Royal Assembly, Abuja, Bro Joshua Iginla, is taking his kingdom mandate of supporting the needy to an unimaginable level.

The revered man of God, who is noted for his penchant for showering car and other gifts on the poor as well as touching the lives of the needy, last weekend reached out to people with enough hand-outs to assuage their suffering. One of them was an orphan who came to the church for prayers. Bro. Joshua Iginla located her through prophesy and blessed her with N400, 000 and scholarship throughout her lifetime. The orphan had lost her mum when she was two months old and her dad died of poisoning when she was seven years old. The lady, who is from Benue State, was sent out of her house in Benue which made her relocate to Kano where she put up in a makeshift hut because she could not afford her house rent anymore. The cash gift was for her to get a decent apartment.

During a live electrifying prophetic service in Abuja on Saturday, Bro. Joshua Iginla also raised the hope of one Pastor Adebayo Samuel, a staff of an old generation bank in Nigeria, who was mysteriously laid off. As revealed through prophesy given by Bro. Joshua Iginla, Pastor Samuel had refused to yield to God’s call to His vineyard for a long time before the sack, and the man of God told all he passed through which he confirmed to be true. After praying for him, Bro. Joshua Iginla in his characteristic manner supported Mr. Adebayo with the sum of N300,000 and also repositioned him back into ministry.


At the same service, parents of identical female twins were lucky recipients of Bro. Joshua Iginla’s windfall to the tune of US$1000 to cater for the children who were delivered in the church while service was on.

About seven months ago, during his birthday celebration, the pastor with a large heart had showered over N23 million on over 100 widows who are members of his church to alleviate their suffering. The man of God had said he was devoted to empowerment and charity to the vulnerable particularly the widows, orphans and the less privileged in the society without minding their religion, tribe or sectional inclination.

According to him, his action was inspired “by the spirit and prayers in one of my dreams that averted my involvement in a plane crash which was supposed to come to reality.”

In 2016, Bro Joshua Iginla stunned the Christendom and the whole world in general when he gave out cars, several millions of naira to the aged, widows, orphanages and scholarships to orphans to celebrate his birthday.

Artisans got generators and cash gifts while the widows got deep freezers, rice and cash gifts ranging from N150,000 to N1.5 million. Treasure Orphanage Foundation, Nyanya, Divine Wound Orphanage, Kubwa and Christ Home Foundation, Kuje, got N1.5 million each and rice while some orphans in the homes were awarded scholarships from nursery to university. Bro Joshua Iginla said he had 782 widows and orphans he caters for.

In his words, Bro. Joshua Iginla said: “It doesn’t matter to me if I trek home as I have given even the car that I personally drive. I can only drive one car and live in one house at a time. This understanding is what has taught me that when I die, others will inherit my assets.”


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