This is not the government we all hoped for, Buhari has performed ‘so woefully’ – Pastor Tunde Bakare (VIDEO)

Pastor Tunde Bakare, a former presidential running mate of General Muhammadu Buhari in 2011 and Serving Overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, says any right thinking Nigerian will agree that President Buhari has performed ‘so woefully’.
The clergyman said this in an interview with Channels TV.
Mr. Bakare said: ’’No matter how you look at it, this is not the government we all hoped for. This is not what we thought this government that promised change at the beginning will perform so woefully. Any right thinking Nigerian will agree with that. But you can then begin to do the blame game that began in the garden of Eden; It is the woman you gave me, it is the ministers that are not performing, it is the ill-health of Mr. President himself… You can also blame the past administration. But you knew what you were going into, even if you didn’t know all of it…vThey could have done better than what they have done so far. They themselves know that, ’’he said.
Asked if this was the same Buhari he ran with in 2011, Bakare said: ”I once did a video, ‘The Buhari I know’, and I meant every word. I sincerely did that video. I hope I will not be pushed to do a video, ‘the Buhari I didn’t know’. So many things have happened that I couln’t even figure out. You must know that I must have been pushed to the wall before I spoke last Sunday.”
Asked whether the Buhari he knows is nepotic, Mr. Bakare said: “I had no reason at the time I ran with him to ever believe he was nepotic. There was no reason because he did say to me you will assembly the best and the brightest from the East, West, North and South of our country to fix the nation. But when I read what Obasanjo wrote, and I saw the list of key appointments made, you would begin to think whether they just put the things on his tabel to sign or is this just what he did deliberately. That is food for thought’’.
On Fulani herdsmen attacks, he said: “The first thing I would do just as Mr. President relocated the armed force command of the war against Boko Haram to the North East, almost everything we have at our disposal would be in those hotspots where those things are happening.”


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