Do you love watching movies on your phone?

When it comes to watching movies on your phone, it is important to note that not all phones are created equal. Depending on factors like speaker quality, battery life, and screen size, a phone can either make your experience enjoyable, or completely ruin the fun.

So if you’re a streaming video lover, Jumia Nigeria will highlight features to help you make informed decision on your next smartphone purchase.

Screen Size: If you love to watch movies on your phone, the screen size should be the number one concern for people who watch streaming video on their smartphones. So to make sure you can see the content as clearly as possible, be sure to get phones with screens that are larger than 5 inches, not including the bezels, hardware keys, sensors, or anything else on the front face of the phone like the Samsung S9 or S8.

Screen Resolution: Just like TVs, higher screen resolution is almost always better when it comes to watching media on a phone, as it offers more clarity and definition with 4K videos. However, a higher resolution also means that the battery will have to provide more power to the screen, which is one reason why AMOLED screens are preferred, as black pixels are simply turned off, so no power is being sent to them. The iPhone 7, iPhone X & iPhone 8 are definitely phones you will want to explore

Screen Type: When it comes down to it, all smartphone displays fall into one of two overarching categories: AMOLED or LCD. Out of these, our preferred screen type is AMOLED, because it’s the newer technology, which comes with benefits like lower battery consumption, amazing screen contrast, and wider viewing angles.

Battery Size: The bigger the battery, the longer you’ll be able to watch videos on the phone. A battery with a 3,000 mAh rating or higher like Gionee M5 will be able to provide an easy five hours of multimedia usage. While you’re watching videos, the battery will power the screen, speakers, modem, and everything else that’ll process the multimedia being played.

Speaker Placement: Depending on the speaker location, the phone’s audio output will either be optimal or hindered. When watching videos, the speakers might get partially blocked by how the phone is being held, and we don’t want that. The optimal speaker placement would be dual front-facing, but not many phones have this feature. At the very least, all of the phones in this list have true stereo sound, though most use a combination of front- and bottom-facing speakers.

Expandable Storage: If the phone has an SD card slot, you’ll have the option of adding extra storage. This comes in handy when downloading movies or other multimedia apps that allow you to watch videos offline.


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