Laugh More This Weekend With GOtv


Did you know laughing helps improve your mental and physical health? According to EveryoneHealth laughing creates a general sense of well-being, reduces stress hormone levels, lowers blood pressure, improve cardiac health, helps tone your abs and so much more. Plus, life is ten times better when you’re laughing!

We’ve picked out progrommes on GOtv within the comedy genre to keep you and your loved ones laughing uncontrollably to a point you won’t even remember why you started laughing.

Here are six comedy movies and a show that are sure to get you laughing!


After losing his job, Jeremy, a patriarch of a young family with teenage children, decides to move to the backwoods of Georgia to help his crazy grandfather. Friday, 25th June at 20:30 on BET (channel 21), available on GOtv Max.


After an accident, Frank is able to see and speak with ghosts. He uses them to haunt a few houses in the neighbourhood and then use his ‘psychic’ abilities to exorcise the houses for a fee. Starring Michael J. Fox and Jake Busey, directed by Peter Jackson. Saturday, 26th June at 1pm on TNT (channel 16), available on GOtv Jolli.


Eddie Griffin and Anthony Anderson lead this crazy comedy about three young men who are forced to leave their player ways when their girlfriends all fall pregnant simultaneously. Saturday, 26th June at 3:20pm on M-Net Movies 4 (channel 3), available on GOtv Max.



Carl, a lonely man with low self-esteem, participates in a self-help programme that challenges him to say yes to everything in life for an entire year. Starring Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel, directed by Peyton Reed. Sunday, 27th June at 11am on M-Net Movies 4 (channel 3), available on GOtv Max.


A comedy that centres on a hilarious man who is obsessed with a girl and is involved in all kinds of antics in his community. Monday, 28th June at 8pm on Africa Magic Hausa (channel 4), available on GOtv Jolli.


‘Comedy Nites’ is a half-hour, stand-up comedy television show that boasts an array of top-notch performances. Wednesday, 30th June at 5:30pm on Africa Magic Family (channel 2), available on GOtv Jolli.

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