‘Rainoil wants to kill us’ – residents panic over gas leakage


A routine fire safety drill has been carried out -Company

Residents of Ijegun Egba, Satellite Town in Lagos State have raised the alarm over the leakage and smell of gas in their community.

The alarm was contained in an emergency note sent to inform Lagos State Fire Service of the happenings in the community on Thursday.

They alleged that the leakage was coming from the Rainoil Depot in Ijegun Egba Gas Farm.

According to the statement by the Satellite Town Forum, the offensive smell has enveloped a small part of the community.

The note read: “The Lagos State Fire Service is hereby notified that there is a huge smell of gas in the community coming from Rainoil Depot in Ijegun Egba Gas farm.”

They urged relevant regulatory agencies to call on the farm management to ensure that “there should be no fire outbreak as a result of the leakage in the community due to gas vapour clouds in Ijegun Egba, Satellite Town.”

They also called on the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) to carry out a proper investigation on the gas leakage that happened around 1.05 pm on Thursday.

“We at Satellite Town Forum hereby advise that Lagos State Fire Service and Federal Fire Service should kindly carry out thorough investigations that led to the gas leakage which happened today, 24th June 2021.

“We don’t want what happened in Ade-Soba gas linkage clouds vapour explosion to happen in Ijegun Egba Tankfarms,” they said.

But, in a reaction, Rainoil Limited assured safety around the Ijegun-Egba community where its LPG depot is located, stating there is no gas leak.

In a statement, Rainoil said a routine fire safety drill has been carried out to ensure the preparedness of staff in the event of an emergency.

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