Five African Presidents To Receive Annual Book Of Prophecy


Five African Presidents have expressed their desire to have copies of the latest edition of the annual book of prophecy called, ‘Warnings To The Nations’ by Primate Elijah Ayodele.

This is however after testifying to the fact that every prophetic statement and warnings written in the past editions proved to be directly from God due to the accuracy, timeliness, exactness they portray

The latest edition about to be launched in few days is said to contain warnings and prophetic statements to every nation in the world for the year 2021/2022.

The book is also said to feature every aspect of life including politics, business, entertainment, sports, to mention a few like the previous editions.

The book of prophecy since it started published in 1994 has served as a direction and the daily go-to for Presidents and world leaders because the book explains in detail what will happen in the country and if they are not pleasant, the solutions needed to avert or correct them are also included in the book.

Moreover, since the inception of the book, over 10,000 prophecies have been fulfilled. To put this on record, a compendium of these fulfilled prophecies were released in 2020 and was confirmed by everyone that had the privilege to go through it as true.

Also, the 2020/2021 edition which was released last year has not been short of expectations as every notable happening in the world within the time frame of its validity was written in it.

Apparently, Primate Elijah Ayodele is a record maker and breaker in the prophetic ministry with the many giant strides he has pulled with his widely accepted ‘book of prophecy’.

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