NCC’s Special Consumer Advocacy, “SHINE YOUR EYES, NO FALL MUGU,” Makes Its Benin Debut


The Nigerian Communications Commission has reiterated its commitment to reaching all categories of telecom consumers with the inauguration yesterday in Benin of a consumer-centric outreach initiative dubbed “Shine your eyes, no fall mugu,” which translates to “Be aware, don’t be a victim of fraudsters.”

The programme, which is an initiative of the Commission’s Consumer Affairs Bureau (CAB), is uniquely designed and implemented in Nigerian pidgin. It is aimed at a portion of the telecom customer population that want localised communication that is relevant to their situation.

The two-day programme, which will be conducted in three stages, began yesterday with a road show. The Show included local artists and comedians who performed musical and other acts to amuse and delight people while raising awareness and sensitising telecom customers about how hackers may utilise telecom platforms to swindle unsuspecting members of the public.

Today, the last day of the two-day event, will feature a 20-minute radio talk in Nigerian pidgin to raise awareness and, like the roadshow, to invite telecom users to an enlightenment forum where presentations will be given regarding hackers’ tactics to swindle people online. The talks will also include precautions that customers and members of the public should take to avoid becoming victims of fraudsters who may exploit telecom platforms to commit fraud.

Additionally, at today’s enlightenment forum, drama, audio narratives and other attractions thematised on the centrality of vigilance, alertness and caution in the cyberspace by all users, will be featured.

The programme is facilitated by a local partner who supports NCC, by mobilising critical segments of the public through opinion leaders and social groups to participate in the events, in order for them to be armed with the right information they may require to explore the Internet safely. These leaders and members of the public attending the forum, are expected to re-diffuse the messages to other members of the public and others in their socio-cultural groups.

This programme, coming on the heels of NCC’s National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (which occurred in October), and the annual National Cybersecurity Conference, which took place on 3rd November, 2021, is meant to reinforce the messages of cyber awareness, cyber vigilance, and cyber smartness to telecom consumers whenever they are online.

The roadshow yesterday commenced at Ekehuan Road, and the procession drove through Airport Road, to State Secretariat, Sapele Road and through round about to Ring Road, to Akpakpava, Dawson Road and back to Ugbowo and Uselu Market. The motorcade, the music, the displays by artistes and the underlying narration of the message of the outreach in Nigerian pidgin caught the attention of residents and passers-by who patiently listened to the messages. Information, Communication and Education (IEC) materials were also shared with the public at every neighbourhood the procession stopped to display and educate the public.

More mobilisation campaigns and awareness creation will be made during the radio component of the sensitization today, happening at Vibes Radio, 97.3 FM at 8.45 a.m. Thereafter, the Enlightenment Forum will take place at Obey God Events Centre at Nova Road, opposite Uwasota Junction, Benin.

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