Rite Foods Celebrates With Muslim Faithful’s During Ramadan, Urges Peaceful-coexistence


Rite Foods, Nigeria’s market leader in the food and beverage industry, celebrates with the Muslim faithfuls as they observe the one-month Ramadan fasting in fulfilment of the fourth pillar of Islam, and urges them to adhere to the doctrines of Islam which preach peaceful coexistence.

The world-class and proudly-Nigerian company has also made available its unrivalled brands for consumption and refreshing moments during the fasting period for Islamic believers and also on great occasions.

Rite Foods Managing Director, Mr. Seleem Adegunwa, stated that as a consumer-centric company poised towards the delivery of quality products for consumers’ satisfaction with award-winning brands comprising the 13 variants of Bigi carbonated soft drink (CSD) and premium Water, Rite sausages, Fearless energy drink, and the premium Sosa fruit drink for Muslim faithful’s during the holy month of penitence and self-denial as enshrined in Islam.

He urged the believers to uphold virtues that foster unity, decency, tolerance, and love for one another, by what they propagate and are known for.

In the same vein, the Company’s Assistant Brand Manager, Boluwatife Adedugbe, avowed that Rite Foods will continue to cater to the needs of consumers with its leading brands that are produced with state-of-the-art infrastructure and in a first-rate factory in line with global best practices.

She affirmed that Rite Foods will continually identify with its consumers with initiatives that add value to lives, and also felicitate them in times of their religious undertakings.

Against the backdrop of always connecting with its consumers, the company’s Bigi brand unveiled its new slogan, ‘Bigi For Every Moment’ as the most delicious brand that suits all occasions.

The mantra highlights the idea that there is a perfect refreshing flavour to suit every moment for all demographics, whether for a celebration or a relaxing mood, and it is suitable for all events.

Similarly, the Fearless energy drink with its new mantra ‘Embrace The Thrill’ has demonstrated that it would continue to rejuvenate consumers to become braver and more adventurous, to activate their dreams to attain success with the positive energy it provides.

It motivates them to go beyond their limits and not be laid back by the number of rejections they have received in time past. The brand also encourages them to be daring, and energetic, exhibit the willpower to excel, be enthusiastic in their endeavours, and be vigorous.


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