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NITDA Partners World Bank to Boost Nigeria’s Digital Trade

The Director General, NITDA, Kashifu Inuwa, CCIE presenting a copy of the agency’s Strategic Roadmap and Action Plan 2024-2027 to representatives of the Workd Bank and World Trade Organisation, Washington DC Office, Aleksandar Stojanor and Dr. Maryam Lawal for the Digital trade engagement

In a bid to enhance Nigeria’s digital trade landscape, the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) and the World Bank are teaming up.

This collaboration aims to propel the nation towards sustainable economic growth by aligning with key presidential priorities and accelerating digital transformation efforts.

During a recent meeting at NITDA’s headquarters in Abuja, DG Kashifu Inuwa CCIE welcomed a delegation led by Mr. Aleksandar Stojanov from the World Bank and World Trade Organization.

The focus of the discussion revolved around enhancing digital trade and cross-border data services, while also shaping regulatory policies to stimulate economic development through technological innovation.

Inuwa outlined NITDA’s strategic roadmap, emphasizing the agency’s commitment to strengthening policy implementation and legal frameworks.

Notable initiatives include the establishment of a National Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) to enhance electronic signature systems and the advocacy for a comprehensive digital economy bill.

Blockchain technology emerged as a key enabler for secure and efficient digital transactions, with NITDA actively developing policies to support its implementation, particularly in the realm of smart contracts.

Furthermore, NITDA is poised to launch a data exchange platform to streamline messaging systems while ensuring the protection and accessibility of data for innovation and decision-making purposes.

Stojanov shared insights from the World Bank’s regulatory analysis on digital trade in Nigeria, highlighting the importance of regulations in driving progress.

He expressed the World Bank’s commitment to collaborating with NITDA to advance digital trade and cross-border data services in Nigeria.

This strategic partnership between NITDA and the World Bank holds promise for unlocking Nigeria’s digital trade potential, paving the way for economic growth and competitiveness on the global stage.



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